Droplet Development v2.0

Reaction Tickets

Make tickets with reactions.

Command Description Usage
rt!help Displays all the commands rt!help
rt!redeem Redeem your premium key rt!redeem
rt!support Gives you a link to our discord rt!support
rt!premium Displays the premium information rt!premium
rt!close Close a ticket rt!close
rt!deletepanel Delete a reaction panel rt!deletepanel ticketpanel
rt!forceclose Forcefully close a ticket rt!forceclose
rt!invite Invite the bot rt!invite
rt!list List your panels rt!list
rt!new Make a ticket without reacting rt!new (panel)
rt!setup Setup a new panel rt!setup
rt!stats View the bot stats! rt!stats



1. Change prefix of the bot
2. Change the footer of all embeds
3. Custom new ticket message
4. Custom open ticket message
5. Custom close ticket message
6. Custom reopen ticket message
7. Custom delete ticket message
8. Custom force delete ticket message
9. Ping on ticket creation (on/off)
10. Name tickets (on/off)
11. Transcript on delete (on/off)
12. No DM on delete (on/off)


Command Description Usage
rt!footer Change the bots footer! rt!footer (new footer)
rt!prefix Change the bot's prefix rt!prefix (new prefix)
rt!setup Setup the panels with more options! rt!setup (simple/advanced)


How to redeem!

1. Select the guild you want premium activated in
2. Buy premium 
Thats it! You got premium! Need help? Ask a staff member!

Click here to purchase premium!