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Droplet Development is the owner of the ever-so-popular Reaction Roles bot, the easiest way to let your users get custom assignable roles in your Discord Server!

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What can we do?

Reaction Roles has some pretty cool features inside of it, Why not take a look under the hood?

Reaction Roles

Reaction Roles is a bot that allows you to assign roles to users in your Discord Server. It's a simple way to give users special roles in your server.

Reaction Roles Logging

With a very simple setup, Reaction Roles will log everything it does! From a user adding a role to themselves, or removing, reaction roles will log it to your specified channel!

Role Management

Unsure what reaction is doing what? Reaction Roles with a simple command will list all reaction roles set up in your server to make role management super simple and fast!

Reaction Roles Edit

Want to switch a reaction roles emoji? title? role? Well Reaction Roles with an edit command allows you to edit every aspect of the reaction roles you have setup in the server so you dont need to go through the proccess of resetting up!

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